By God’s good graces I have been around the world, teaching and preaching in a variety of places.  Here are some of my favorite places along the way.

Big Cedar Lodge: Thanks to our son and his wife we have enjoyed this place for a number of years.

Hong Kong International School: I taught and coached there from 1973-1976.  Still a dream to return for a visit!

Penang: We spent a week on this island back in the day … like Hawaii at the turn of the century!

Mutters, Austria: a little village up in the Alps overlooking Innsbruck … beautiful place.

The Cliffs at Long Creek: Spent a week there this summer; again thanks to Eric & Sheryl … looking forward to going back!

Holmfirth, Yorkshire England: This is the setting for one of my all-time favorite TV shows … Last of the Summer Wine.

More to come…