Just how many graduations do we need to have?  Must we celebrate everything?

As best as I recall, I “graduated” from 8th grade, high school and college.  Actually they all took place in the same location … Weller Auditorium on the campus of then, Concordia Teacher’s College.

While I will admit to being “old”, my memory said that we had no elaborate parties after any of these 3 “move along” ceremonies other than cake and ice-cream with immediate family.

Indeed my graduation party from high school consisted of my grandparents giving me a suitcase.  Guess that was a hint … time to grow up and move along.

While 10-15 gathered for my college graduation, my Uncle David’s words are what I remember best.  He took me aside and said, “If you ever run into any problems, just call me … and I will see if I can find someone who might be interested in helping you!”

On my Facebook feed and in mailed-out invites, I see that they now have Nursery graduation, Pre-K graduation, Kindergarten graduation, 5th grade graduation, 8th grade and/or junior high graduation … and the list goes on … even to the point of celebrating individual years of school (e.g. Come celebrate Billy’s end of 3rd grade and getting ready for 4th party).

Each of these seems to be elaborate affairs bordering on wedding reception level.  Maybe that’s why I appreciated this cartoon so much.