11072764_1064103316938110_1130680678059751812_nIn the last few months I have been asked for help by a number of people.  Evidently having “Dr” in front of your name qualifies you to be asked!

Some questions are theological, some biblical, some political, some church related, some staff related, some personal issues … you get the idea.  I try to be of assistance as much as possible.

But … and there always seems to be a but … I have a tendency to “drag the Bible and Jesus” into everything … as more than a few of those seeking advice have said.  For me this is always a sticking point.

Why?  Because I try as hard as possible to work from a clear biblical worldview.  I know there are other worldviews out there … but none that really work … and always at work behind the problems that people have.

From experience I know non-biblical worldviews don’t work since I lapse into them from time-to-time.  That is why I daily go back to the basics!  I have a great deal of trouble with anything that does not reflect Scripture … and its ugly partner … people and/or groups that operate with Scripture + something else!

All this gets to my point.  Maybe it is my age … maybe it is my experience … maybe it is stubbornness … but being a person who hold the Bible dear and trusts its veracity … I have chosen to use the clear Word of God as my guiding light in this world.

For this reason, I have become more and more apt to jettison those who have no biblical worldview … and as a result choose to wallow in their problems.

Does this mean I do not make an attempt to love and share the Gospel with them?  Of course not … but casting pearls before swine can only go so far.

Some readers may find this a bit callous and even call me unloving or uncaring (been there, been called that and more), but sooner or later you need to cut the cord and move on … and pray that sooner or later … like the prodigal son … they will come to their senses …