third-times-a-charmMany of my friends know that I am not overly enamored with out-patient surgery.  The fact of the matter is this — I haven’t had good luck with them at all!

Let me recount the last few:

#1: Out-patient surgery … home for a week with a catheter!

#2: Out-patient surgery … in the hospital for 3 days … with a catheter of course!

#3: Out-patient gall bladder surgery … in the hospital 7 days … with a catheter and 2 other drain tubes.  They accidentally hit my descending aorta and this was, as they said later, “up for grabs.”  They also added that “as luck would have it, a vascular surgeon was walking by.”  My response?  It was the providence of the Lord!

So you can see that entering the hospital this past Wednesday for outpatient surgery #4 (to remove a bladder tumor for biopsy) left me feeling a bit apprehensive.  But with lots of people praying, including inmate pastors and churches in Angola (LA) Prison, I was more than ready.

As luck would have it (nope–the Lord leads), I was referred to a urologist who has been called “the best of the best” in the DFW area.  The intake procedure at Baylor-Grapevine was thorough and professional, with every aspect explained (something missing in the past).  My surgery was the first of the day, prep was extremely professional with questions asked and answered all the way.

The lone “setback”, if you will, was that I was told to prepare for a day’s stay in the hospital.  But, I was elated to have a surgery that went well, and was able to be back home (though with a catheter for 2 days) by lunch time!

Two days later, a follow-up got rid of the little bag I had to lug around and the good news of the tumor being benign.  Praise God!

Now a week later, I am off of all drugs, and slowly but surely returning to normal (or as a friend said, “as normal as you get”).

Only 2 side-effects remain: 1) the need of an afternoon nap about 1:30 and; 2) a raspy voice because of the anesthesia and breathing tube.

After a week away from preaching at the church I am serving as an interim, I will return this Sunday, back and better than ever, God willing!

Some say, “the 3rd time is the charm.”  For me it was #4!