10464118_1081697108524180_6928877241669931176_nAs a young boy growing up in Seward, NE, I always got a kick out of looking into Dr. Walter Juergensen’s garage.  Why?

It’s because he had all of his diplomas framed and hanging on the back wall of the garage.  Why?

He said it was because when he drove in every night he could be reminded of the hard work he put into earning those degrees.

After a lot of hard work, I have manage to accrue a grade school, high school and college diploma.  In addition I have earned 3 master’s degrees and a doctorate.

For the longest time I wanted to hang them in my garage, but for one reason or another, this never happened.  But when our new building was done at Lord of Life, they hung on the far wall … where only I could see them.

When we moved to Texarkana, TX that I put them all on one wall.  But, I put them behind my office door … again so only I could see them.  Why?

I don’t really know!  Maybe it is because, even after all these years, I still consider myself just “a dumb kid from Nebraska.”

Today, however, a friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook post (seen picture above) and “outed” me as to the current location of all my degrees/diplomas.

So, where are they today?  Behind the door of our master bathroom.