dukeDuke wins … and let the whining commence. After watching 31 games in 6 days at the NAIA Division II Men’s National Basketball Championships, along with most of the NCAA games, several constants dribble through.

1) Teams not used to playing against certain styles because no one in their conference plays that way;

2) Officiating styles that many teams are not used to and their failure to adapt;

3) Coaches who either over-coach or under-coach;

4) Players who are totally shocked when a foul is called on them;

5) Fans and coaches who tend to watch the officiating as much as the game (and from less than advantageous view-points);

6) Complaints that teams have too many ‘one and dones’, transfers, foreign players, juco-players, players who do not attend class like their players do, etc.; and the list goes on ….

Feel free to add your own whine …