Coming out of the seminary, like most grads, I wore the traditional pastoral robes (alb and stole with a pectoral cross).

However as I got more and more involved in “contemporary” worship, I dumped the robes and for the most part I have worn a suit and tie, though in the summer, short-sleeved shirts were always worn.

Occasionally I get invited to speak at churches where their pastor and worship leaders and teams have adopted what I would call a “hipster” look/style.  When I share God’s Word there, my look is more like a casual funny seminary prof as someone told me not long ago.

Recently I attended a conference in San Antonio where many of the younger pastors (and even a few closer to my age) had adopted this hipster look of jeans, shirt hanging out of your pants, and a sport’s coat.  Not surprisingly, our former synodical president (a dapper dresser) who was a presenter commented about it, though he admitted to dressing much the same way … at home!

This past Sunday I was invited to an Oscar party in our neighborhood and was told to “dress up.”  No way was I going to put on a suit and tie on this rainy, icy night, so I decided to try a bit of the hipster look instead.

Understand that my days of wearing skinny jeans have long since passed me by!  But, I still own jeans and boots (I do live in Texas!), and wearing my shirt untucked is no problem!  And I do have a cool looking cross made for me by an inmate friend at Angola.  Top that off with a new sport’s coat … and even the unshaven look … well … here it is!