10996044_10203705731870798_2906483285883895810_nAbout a decade ago, thinking about the current stage of church in our land, and the desire to get it over with as fast as possible, I made a bold prediction.

Actually I had talked about it this before, often remarking, “Even The Lutheran Hour is only 30 minutes these days!”

At any rate, talking with friends, I opined that I saw a day when churches would have drive-thru windows like most fast-food places.  The pastor (or probably the administrative assistant) would be there to take the order … and it would be something like this …

“Good morning! Welcome to Quick Church in the Valley!  May I have your order please?”

“Yes, we’d like one sermon on tape, 2 communions to go, and a couple of those coloring books for the children.  And if you have blessed doggie treats or a toy that looks like a mouse for our cat, that would be great!”

“OK, that’s 1 sermon on tape, 2 communions to go and 2 coloring books … and yes we can take care of your furry family members as well.  Plus, today we are running a one-day special on our pastor’s latest book, ‘Instant Forgiveness.'”

“Not today, thank you.  But if he could be at the payment window and wave a blessing that would be cool and the kids would love it.”

“Sorry, but he is not available today, so please pull up to the tithe window and have your credit card available for check-out.”

Now I was being facetious … or was I?  Was this the future of the church?  Well, the picture attached seems to mean I may have been right!

As Luther said, “From this preserve us, Heavenly Father.”