indexAlways recognizing that whatever we do is God’s project, not mine—and as leaders we have the responsibility to lead things His way, not our way—there are so many things to forget.

  • We have to forget about being popular, because this is God’s project, not our own.
  • We have to forget about doing it on our own, because this is God’s project.
  • We have to forget giving up, because if we working for God, it’s worth staying with it.
  • We have to forget about thinking things are impossible, because with God all things are possible.
  • We have to forget about getting revenge, because God will take care of that.
  • And we have to forget about being a control freak, because God is in control & he will do things his way.

Effective leadership is a matter of forgetting those things that hold us back & remembering that God has called us, as leaders, to move forward in his name.