10304882_10205579983603772_6600573090213705673_nAs a long-time preacher, I have received any number of comments following the lesson/sermon.  A few of my favorites are as follows : (accompanied by what was going through my mind)

“I loved your pro-life message, but you will not be preaching against gambling will, since when we win, so does the church?”  (Can you guess what I spoke about the following Sunday?)

“My wife and I said to each other after today’s sermon, ‘Boy, he really sounds like he believes this.'”  (Duh!)

“That story today about the young guy, I think you called him David and that Giant, where can I find that?  And are there other cool stories like that?”  (Uh … it’s called a Bible!)

“You called it sin, but don’t you think it would be better to call it a momentary indiscretion?”  (I think Jesus called it a sin as well!)

“I really like listening to you.  You sound like you really know something.”  (Like what?)

“You made it sound like if I did a lot of good things — and I do — that that’s not going to get in me in good with the Big Guy.”  (Go home and read Ephesians 2:8-10)

“You are wearing cowboy boots, that seems odd.” (We’re in Texas, dude.  Jesus lived in 1st century Palestine and he wore sandals, so there!)

“How long will it take me to know what you know about the Bible?”  (Well, I just turned 70 and you look like you are 25 … so 45 more years?)

“I thought you were Christian, but the folder they gave me when I came today said you were Lutheran.  So what gives?”  (Actually I am a Lutherabapticostal!)

“You’re just like a funny seminary professor.”  (Thank you!  I try!)