maingateMany of you are asking for pictures of campus with an update (several more are at the end of this post). Attached are pictures from campus. We made contact with Helen Thursday night and she has sent some pictures. She, Mom, and all on campus are grateful for your prayers, and many of you have sent donations. We are grateful to God for all of you!

I have had many emails, Facebook postings, phone calls and texts from many of you. THANK YOU for your love and concern.

Johnson and I are still here (USA) for a few more days, Johnson will return to India on Oct. 22 and I am leaving on Oct. 30. It is with very heavy hearts to write this update, as we are not their on campus helping the campus family.

Please continue to pray for Helen and Mom (Mary) and the whole team for physical strength and peace.

Helen said one generator is working. We are using it to pump water and reroute the water. The team is working on cutting down the trees and removing all the damage.They are assessing the damage, and trying to get in touch with the power company workers.They are also trying to get supplies to comfort the many who are in need.

Many of you have asked what can you do. You can pray for all the campus and all the team in the rebuild, support financially, and look at bringing construction team to campus in the near future to help in the rebuild.

Many of you have already sowed into CFI and we are so thankful for that. We are in a season right now where we require more general funds to rebuild the Campus That is why we are writing you today to ask that you prayerfully consider giving a special gift this year towards our general funds to help cover the cost of rebuilding. If you are inspired by what we do and feel moved by our reports of what is taking place in India, then please consider what you might do to help further our impact there.

We are so blessed to have each of you in our corner – praying for us, giving to our cause and cheering us on.

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