GOThis was the name tag I wore this past week at a conference in Austin.  Many people looked at it … and a few even asked about it. However … the questions typically fell into 2 categories:

  • Oh…is that our Lutheran mission in India? (ANSWER: Nope!)
  • Why do you work with them instead? (ANSWER: The Lutherans never asked!)

In churches where I speak I have also heard questions like this:

  • Why do you go all the way over there when there is so much work here to be done? (ANSWER: God told me!) … or … (ANSWER: Are you saved? Do you have the Holy Spirit living in you? If so, do you feel a need to follow Acts 1:8?) (ANSWER: And besides my job here is to EDUQUIPELIZE others as well!)
  • So … people that come to know Jesus … are there Lutheran churches for them to attend? (ANSWER: I suppose so … but there are also really other great Christian churches they can attend and grow).

I know I am being a bit facetious with my comments. At the same time, it is a struggle at times to convince people about the need and reality of mission … and their involvement in it!

More than anything … when people ask WHY? I want to just say WHY NOT? WHY NOT ME … OR YOU … OR US … AND IF NOT US…THEN WHO?

So … what is your motivation for a deeper involvement in God’s mission? A bigger understanding of who God is and what he is trying to accomplish in the world is a good place to start. God’s main intention in human history is to reunite himself with a world that is estranged by sin.

All that he is doing in space and time is an effort to further that desire. From the first verses of Genesis to the last verses of Revelation, his intention is articulated and illustrated. The wonder of it all is that he wants to accomplish this mission through the faithfulness of people like you and me.

Our desire to be involved in God’s global mission is spurred by the knowledge that we are part of the means by which God is gathering people to this great celebration. Every nation, tribe, people and language will be represented there because we have said “Yes!” to God’s invitation to witness cross-culturally. This is an awesome vision to remember as we go faithfully to testify of his love and grace throughout the world … whether it be in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or the ends of the earth!