state farm jakeNo doubt you have seen the commercial … and as many times as I have … I still like it.

The cool thing is that it has given me a new source of joy.

First of all, when telemarketers call and they ask. “Who am I speaking with?” I have taken to saying, “Jake … from State Farm.”  This always ends the conversation!

But yesterday I took it to a whole new level when I visited Starbucks.  After ordering my grande soy no-whip mocha, the barista said, “Your name?” 

I couldn’t resist!  “Jake … from State Farm.”

She looked up at me … and laughed … and then said … “What are you wearing …  ‘Jake from State Farm?'”

I looked down and was surprised to see … I was wearing khakis!

Ahhh yes … the joy of being retired … I mean … re-positioned!