parking_stallsA visit to my bank this morning started out fine.  There was a nice parking spot right in front of the main door.  After I pulled in, the car to my left pulled out leaving me an easy exit.  I entered and did my banking.

Walking outside, I got into my car, though there was a tight squeeze because another car had parked next to me while I was inside.  Once in the car, I reached down to put on my sunglasses, when there was a tapping on my driver side window.

Standing outside was a “sizable” red-faced woman glaring at me.  I put down my window, smiled and said, “Hi!  What’s up?”

With more than a bit of venom, she said, “It’s people like you who make it hard for people like me to get in my car.  In fact I was just going to bang my door into yours to teach you a lesson.”

I asked if she would back up and minute and I got out of my car.  Walking to the front of my van, I called her over and said, “Look, when I pulled in, I parked in the exact middle of the space.  Look, the distance on both sides between my car and the white lines is almost perfect.  And since the car to my left pulled out after I came in, I can only assume you parked too close to me.”

She moved aside, spotted her husband coming out of the bank and bellowed at him, “It’s people like you who make it hard for people like me to get in my own car.”

My response?  I waved at the husband and said, “Have a nice day” and then added, “wait for me to pull out and it will easier for your wife.”

I did not bother to look back, but I sure hope he had a better day than it looked he was about to have!