the-work-of-the-word080312The title of this blog comes from my good friend Dr. Harry Wendt of Crossways.  It is something he said long ago that I have shared with many, many people.  And recently, while at Angola Prison in Louisiana, my teaching partner Cheryl Gieseke, gave a spirited sharing of it one evening at worship in Camp D.

I bring this up, because Bible reading, listening, studying, memorizing, meditating and APPLYING the Word has been a part of my life for a long, long time.  Each and everyday I learn something new and rediscover old truths.  The struggle, of course, for sinful man is applying/obeying it!

While I am not casting aspersions on any program that has come out over the years, it does amaze me when they do … mainly because I am surprised no one ever knew it before!  Let me give you a few examples: “Purpose Driven Life”, the “Jabez Promise”, and “The Daniel Plan.”

Like I said, I am not putting down any of these.  But what always surprises me is that suddenly everyone runs around like this is some new teaching, some new revelation, when in reality, had they been reading their Scriptures regularly, and applying them … well … you know!

Thankfully there are people who push people into the Word through these programs and others like them, but it still pains me that it shows a lack of knowledge about the Christ-followers tool kit.

So much for my cranky old man rant!