reservedWatching 31 games over 6 days at the NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Championship, I jotted down a few thoughts.

3 point shooting alters the game

Big guys generally have no inside skills

Big guys shoot the 3

Midrange (6-5, 6-6) guys do the heavy work

Most teams have an 8-9 man rotations

Whiner coaches have whiner players and whiner fans

No cheerleaders (exception… Ozarks & Friends)

I still marvel that a man can dribble the length of the floor and no one stops him.

Charging/offensive fouls are toughest calls to make

The game is much faster these days

The mid-range jumper is not as prevalent these days

Scoring is 3-pointers, rebound baskets or dribble drive.

I would love to watch a game with NO coaching or times out

You used to have to have number for a fast break ( 2 on 1 or 3 on 2) … I see 1 on 3 … Even a 1 on 4 !

At my peak I could not play today’s style!

There is do much contact at times the officials don’t know what to call.

Players do not execute pick and roll properly.

Blocking out is a lost art…more like chasing loose balls

When my team has the ball: call the foul ref; when they have the ball: let them play ref.

It seems that every coach uses every time out; leads to over coaching at times.

I think continuation has found its way into college ball.

Whatever happened to “don’t foul the jump shooter …esp the 3-point shooter?”

A big man becomes a small man when he brings the ball down.

Why do big men in the lane need to dribble?

Thus far have seen 3 laptops and one woman nailed with errant passed (to her credit she caught the ball and threw it back)

Sneaky way to ice FT is to ask for video review of time clock…currently debating 11.1 and 12.3

Bounce passes on the interior!

Does every player these days have those big headphones ( they all look like DJs or pilots

I wonder how many coaches have anger issues?

One coach and 3-4 assistants…wonder what each does?

What part of reserved seating do general admission people not understand?

Do they still coach cutting off the baseline?

Not much help side defense…Bob Knight where are you?

The William Penn mascot scares me

They should sell a lot of cheese with all the whine

As good as the officiating is, it appears from reactions that some teams are not used to a game under control!