Putting-into-practice(1)“Blessed are they that heard the Word of God and keep it!”  (Luke 11:28).

We have all heard plenty of sermons/messages in our lifetime. And as one person said, “If you took all the people who have ever heard a sermon and laid them end-to-end, they’d be a lot more comfortable.”

All kidding aside, how does one go about taking what you have heard and put it into action?

Before I answer that, let me give you what I think is a good way to “judge” a message. This is what I try to do as I prepare one … and it is the filter I use when I hear one.

  • What does the speaker want us to know?
  • What does the speaker want us to do?
  • How does the speaker hope to convince us to do what he wants us to do?

Now, with that being said, how can we put that into practice in our daily lives?  Here are a few suggestions.

DURING THE SERMON jot down a few words on your bulletin/note guide which contain the main points of the sermon.

DURING THE RECEPTION of the offering review these points in your mind.

DURING THE SILENT PRAYER at the end of worship let your prayer zero in on these points as you talk to the Lord.

ON THE DRIVE HOME review and discuss the main points again with the people riding with you or with a good friend later.

SUNDAY EVENING, in your private prayers, go over these points with the Lord and include implementation.

ON MONDAY be conscious of what you need to do. Act out the instruction of the sermon in your life.