making-disciplesThe following 10 items are from my friend Dr. Kent Hunter (The Church Doctor).  Good tips on developing relational discipling!

Balance Spiritual Formation: Christianity is more caught than taught.

Recognize you can’t mass produce disciples.

Trust God that starting small and multiplying produces greater results than starting big and adding.

Re-orient your ministry worldview: who you are is more important than what you do.

Restructure ministry with a primary emphasis on relationships and a secondary focus on programs.

Develop this philosophy of ministry: never do ministry alone.

Gently simplify your church with fewer activities and shift efforts to disciple-making: equipping Christians and reaching unbelievers in a relational context.

Help everyone in church discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts, using this biblical approach as your operational compass for ministry involvement.

Develop a culture of sharing “God stories” (witnessing) by asking, “What is God doing in your life lately?”

Use this story as a discussion tool, in a relational setting with small groups of influencers in your church. Begin to change the culture. Access the story here.