indexI just finished reading, “Who Should NOT Be on Your Leadership Team” by T. J. Addington.  While I agree with his comments, it seemed like maybe I should write something, based on this article with a slightly different spin.

So here it is — The Most Dangerous Person on Your Leadership Team.  And don’t say I didn’t warn some of you!

  • 1.   Those who have no other agenda than the growth of the kingdom.


  • 2.   Those with the humility to seek God’s will as a group and then submit to that direction, provided it seeks the growth of the kingdom.


  • 3.   Those who are flexible to the opinions of others and the ultimate decisions of a group.  They are able to avoid drawing fine distinctions in lifestyle and fine points of theology where there is legitimate room for disagreement.


  • 4.   Those who are not high mercy people, but rather ones with the ability to negotiate conflict and even live with the fact that not everyone is happy.


  • 5.   Those who can think conceptually.


  • 6.   Those who love people—and desire helping them become what God wants them to become.


  • 7.   Those who do not have a personal agenda that is of higher value to them than the corporate decision-making progress of the group.


  • 8.   Those who pursue God fully. Leadership is about Jesus and where He wants to lead a church. That requires a higher degree of follower-ship to the one on whose behalf one leads, and a deep sensitivity to His direction and will. That is only possible with individuals who pursue Him and His kingdom!

Like any list, there are no doubt more things one could add … so feel free!