1382985_10151942098047878_584871251_nYou would think I’d learn … but no!

On my bed stand I have a nice clock radio — it is an atomic clock that always keeps time — has dual alarm settings — plays good music — and looks nice!  But ….

Yep … there is a but!  It does not understand day light savings time since they changed how and when we do it.  So as a good Lutheran would ask, “What does this mean?”

It means, for example, that last week when I set the alarm for 6:30 so I could make it to 8 o’clock worship, it decided to “fall back.”  This means that I woke up at 7:30am.  All I can say is that where I worshiped Sunday was only 5-6 minutes away … and I was early … and yes … showered, shaved and dressed!

This is the actual weekend … so what will I do?  Toss the clock?  Nope!  After all my iPhone actually understands day light savings time … so I will depend on its alarm!

As for you … the picture is fair warning!