936full-sean-conneryFor 5+ years living in Texarkana, stopping periodically to get a drink at McDonald’s, I was greeted by a number of workers as “Sean.”  It goes back to a time when I heard one of the ladies say, “Don’t he favor Sean Connolly?”

When I looked up she said, “Yes you!”  I did not have the heart to say, “Sean Connery,” so just smiled my best James Bond smile and said “Thank you.”

Fast forward to last Sunday when I preached at a small church in Mineral Wells, TX (west of Fort Worth).  As I was leaving, a 13-year-old girl stuck out her hand and said, “Goodbye Sean Connery.”

Frankly I was surprised a young girl even knew who Sean Connery was/is.  But I had to relay my Texarkana story and thanked her.

Sean Connolly or Sean Connery … I should be so lucky …