imagesIn my life I have had a few doctors take care of me.  And when you consider how often I have moved and the places I have been, it is amazing to me to sit back and think about them all.

But when I do, I realize that I have never had a doctor I did not care for.

That may surprise you.  Maybe not.

Maybe most of you have always liked your doctor.  If so, that’s great.

But I hear a lot of grumbling and griping from people who have trouble with their physicians.

My recent move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area meant finding a new primary care physician.  Following suggestion from my children, I found a place with a number of doctors.  But, I was then told that only one of them took Medicare patients, and she was female (which makes sense!!).

For a moment I wondered about having a female physician, but immediately got over it (after all, most women have male doctors).  And once again, I feel blessed.  My new physician is very personable and knows her stuff, asks lots of questions, and takes time to make sure I am comfortable, etc.

A few days ago, I returned to have a couple of issues addressed (leg cramps at night, raspy throat/voice, and a skin problem on my jaw.

After checking me out, she said, “Let’s freeze that thing off your face and avoid cutting.”

Following that she showed me a few stretching exercises and said, “Let’s do them together so you get this right.”

As far as the throat, she told me to rest my voice, take a Zyrtec each night, gargle with warm salt water, etc.  After this she asked if I wanted my flu shot.  My response was that I was still sorting out my medical coverage (Medicare Part B) and my secondary (Blue Cross) and would wait till I was covered.

Her response stunned me.  She said, “I want you to be healthy.  How about if I have the nurse give you the flu shot and don’t tell anyone about it?”

But then, another surprise.  She asked about prayer and answers to prayer.  So for a time we talked about spiritual things.  Amazing.

Once again I say “Doctors … God bless them!”