4I have conducted half-day or one-day seminars in only four prisons. However, my colleagues have conducted seminars in more than 100 prison facilities across the nation for tens of thousands of inmates. Dr. Barry Kolb, an LCMS pastor, has conducted many seminars in the maximum security prison in Angola, Louisiana, the largest in the United States. Nearly all of its 6,100 inmates are “in for life.” The facility is based on 18,000 acres of land on which are also four work camps. The inmates who live in these camps grow fruit and vegetables to help provide food for the inmates at the facility.

During the past few years, Dr. Kolb (who lives in Texas) has taken a associate, Cheryl Gieseke, the superintendent of a school district based in Belvidere, Illinois, to help those “behind bars” to understand God’s Good News. On September 16 through 20, they team-taught CI’s The Divine Drama® to more than 40 inmates. Then they team-taught CI’s Praying Like Jesus the Messiah to two groups of about 25 each (the maximum allowed) from two of the work camps. Their goal is to equip those who participate in these events to understand God’s Good News and to share what they have learned with fellow inmates.

–Harry Wendt, President