imagesWhile I feel good about “retiring” from pastoring a church, it appears that I am being drawn back in a variety of ways.  Couple that with enjoying our new home, the Metroplex and being close to my family, the timing all seems interesting to say the least.

Two churches have expressed interest in having me serve as a vacancy pastor,  Both are small churches going through transition times (sounds familiar).  At the same time I have been asked once again to consider serving as President of a seminary in India.

As someone who has always considered himself to be just “some dumb kid from Nebraska,” this all bemuses me a bit.  At the same time, I believe that the Holy Spirit may be trying to tell me something.

What He is trying to say … well … that is a call to pray … a study the Word … and to talk with godly friends … all things I have urged people to do my entire ministry life.

All My Life’s Circle … enjoy the song … and pray …