LSPEntrance-Sunday, September 15, I will enter Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, LA for a week of teaching and preaching.  And, for what seems like many years in a row, I will be gone on my birthday, though celebrating it in prison is not all that bad!

Angola Prison is an 18,000 acre working farm, with 6000 or so inmates, many of them serving terms that will have them here for their entire life.  While that may seem hopeless, know that Jesus is not held back by bars or razor wire or guard towers, etc.  Visitors are amazed to see chapels in each camp in this prison, and exciting congregations (fellowships), pastored by inmates who have earned a seminary degree while incarcerated.

For 12+ years it has been my privilege to work/volunteer here.  In that time I have made many lasting friends, learned more than I teach, and feel the love of God shining through the hearts of men whose lives have been changed.

Please pray as we teach Divine Drama for 3 days in the main prison and Praying Like Jesus the Messiah in 2 of the out-camps, Thursday & Friday, and as I preach each night in various chapels.