Emeritus; plural emeriti; abbreviation emer.) is a Latin past participle that means “having served one’s time” or “having merited one’s discharge by service” (Latin ē-, “out”, and meritus, “merited”). In current usage, it is a post positive adjective used to designate a retired professor, bishop, president, prime minister, or other professional; as such it refers to the post-retirement status of at least one pope.

Today I filed my “official” papers with the Texas District and was declared “emeritus.”  I am not sure I like the sound of that since within a few miles of my new home is is the Emeritus Nursing Home!

It almost sounds like being put out to pasture.  But I know me … and that is the last thing I want to do.  As long as the Lord calls I want to serve in some way.  Until the end …

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