image9 months have now passed since I began a plant-strong life style.  While some call it vegan, I do not consider myself to be one.  After all … I do wear a leather belt and boots… and do not get grossed out like some people do who think eating meat is horrible, etc.

My choice was strictly for health reasons .. lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and weight loss.

So … 9 months later … after eliminating meat and dairy … what are the results so far?

WEIGHT: lost 30+ pounds

CHOLESTEROL: Total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL are all excellent.  My physician says, “Your labs are wonderful!”

BLOOD PRESSURE: last check was 125 over 80 … not bad, huh?

Thanks to good people like my nephew Christian and other family members who eat healthy for all the encouragement and sharing the good recipes.

Now … when my back feels better … and we are more sttled in our new home … it is back to the gym … pool … etc.

To celebrate good results … I am going out for a veggie pizza and a beer!