nAjkY.St.117Since making the dietary switch to plant-based (no meat or dairy products), finding places to eat while traveling has been an adventure.  But, one thing I have noticed is how many places now serve a veggie-burger.  Even Burger King has gotten in on the act.

However, the Spiral Diner, a vegan institution with branches in Fort Worth and Dallas, and one of my new favorite places to eat, has three veggie-burger options, including a portabello mushroom.

The soy veggie burger is the place’s best fake, with the subtly red hue and chewy texture of your best fast-food fix. The flavor is satisfying, with a hint of barbecue. There’s also a nutty one made from brown rice, sunflower seeds, carrots and spices.  On my last visit I actually had one called “The Cowboy.”

Today I had a black-bean burger at Mooyah’s with my friend Jason.  It was pretty good as well … with a bit of a bite!  The funny thing about ordering one, is they always ask what kind of cheese I want on it … and are very surprised when I say “none, that’s the point of a veggie-burger.”

I know, being plant-based in BBQ, Gravy and Fried heaven (aka Texas), is a bit weird, but weight loss, lower blood pressure, feeling better overall, is a good trade-off!  Thank God, beer is plant-based!