It is early Sunday morning, July 28, 2013.  After my morning devotional time I sat back and looked around my office.  It is kind of messy for a change … books off shelves … boxes half-filled … and current work still to be done.

Leaning back in my office chair I found myself looking at at the 3 things left on my small bulletin board:

  • A Calendar
  • John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success”
  • How to Care for Introverts

The Calendar reminds me that after this morning’s Bible class and worship service, there will only be 2 more Sundays that I serve First Lutheran as its pastor.  I keep being asked if I am retiring–and I keep responding, “No, I am merely re-positioning.” 

But after Sunday morning, August 11, I will no longer be serving as a pastor of a church.  My hope and prayer is that I am still able to teach and preach on a “regular” basis, helping out churches in way possible.  But, the day-to-day routine of providing leadership to a group of people will come to an end.


The Pyramid of Success is something I’ve kept close for years, going back to my days of coaching basketball in junior high, high school and college.  One of my great memories is winning an autographed copy of John Wooden’s book, “Practical Modern Basketball” and dinner with the man himself.

It was over dinner with college’s greatest coach that I learned about his Pyramid of Success, and I have tried to follow it as best as possible.  While it is not the Bible, it is still great guidelines produced by a true man of God.  I mourned Coach Wooden’s passing, but know that he left so much behind.


How To Care for Introverts may come as a surprise to some people.  But after a lot of study and reading, I know that I am an introvert … always have been and always will be.  Now of course, I can be outgoing in my public life (that kind of goes without saying) … but my real persona is markedly different.

It took many years to understand this, not to mention dealing with people who think you should change or who think you are “weird” or whatever.  One aspect of this is the need of introverts for time away from large groups of people.  If you are an introvert and reading this you will understand; if you are an extrovert … you need to learn to understand.


There is a lot more to write about ending up one’s years as the pastor of a church, but you will need to keep checking these posts, and seeing what and were God puts me next!  I end today with the life verse: