imagesChurch potlucks are always dangerous territory. Dishes abound that are not for the faint of heart. There are concoctions that would scare the pink off a truckload of Pepto Bismol. We are talking about something you are going to PAY FOR in the morning…if you make it till morning. For those reasons, we have comprised a list of the top ten potluck dishes to avoid:




10- Bro. Ed’s Hot Chili: Made with enough peppers to stock Bobby Flay’s chain of Tex-Mex restaurants for a year. (Is that a hole in the wall of that crock pot?)


9- Sister Pearl’s Cream of Something Mustgo Casserole: When everything in the fridge “must go.” Cream of mushroom soup covers a multitude of sins…and leftovers.


8- Anything made with Spam and cheese.


7- Anything made with tuna and cheese.


6- Anything made with Spam AND tuna AND cheese. (Can you possibly imagine?)


5- Mayonnaise Egg Salad Surprise: It’s been at room temperature for 8 hours and you have food poisoning. Surprise!


4- Foods packed in a recycled oleo margarine tub. (Make sure I get that bowl back!)


3- Mabel’s Marble Meatloaf: The color, texture, flavor and moisture content of real marble.


2- Aunt Sadie’s Pound Cake: Dense as a brick, and no amount of whipped cream or strawberry juice will penetrate its interior. Guaranteed to maintain that consistency all the way through your digestive track.


1-Cora’s Coconut Cake: Brought by the church cat lady, whose white Persian likes to sit on the counter and watch her bake.

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