FLCFirst Lutheran in Texarkana is going through a time of transition … but then again … what church isn’t?  Our transition is replacing a “retiring” pastor,  adding a full-time called Director of Christian Education and the building of a youth center/education wing.

RETIRING … Actually I do not like that work … since I will merely be “re-positioning” myself for future ministry endeavors.  At this time, the members of FLC have ratified a list of 5 potential candidates as their new pastor.  Interviews will take place in the next few weeks, and on June 23, a recommendation to “call” a new pastor will be made.  Please pray that God guides this process.

DCE … On July 7, it will be my privilege to install Kadie Cleveland as our full-time Director of Christian Education.  She has completed her internship and has done a wonderful job, establishing great relationships with both children, youth, and older adults.  Please pray for the future of this wonderful addition.

BUILDING … Sometime this summer we will begin the construction of a new youth/education center, thanks to the Clara Patterson legacy and the members of FLC.  This additional space will help enhance future youth / children / education / fellowship activities.  Please pray for this future step forward as well.  God-willing I may even be around (or get invited back) to dedicate this!

All in all, the Lord has blessed our 5+ years of ministry here.  In looking back at a list of challenges I laid out January 12, 2009, it is amazing at how many were accomplished … and for that all we can say is Praise the Lord!  And knowing how He works, more great things are just around the corner!