nbaThis will probably offend a few people but that is OK.  Call me old-fashioned, call me a purist, whatever … I like the games of baseball, football and basketball played well.  That is part of the reason I love the College World Series where players are well-schooled in the basics, exhibit team-play, and really hustle!

While I do love basketball, I cannot seem to be able to “get into” watching the NBA.  You would think the best players (supposedly) in the world would be fun to watch.  But, from my perspective, it is not.  Personally I enjoy a team-oriented concept and not a game played around “one-man” shows.

What could make it better?  Maybe a few rule changes, etc. would help it.  Such as …

  • Use the international lane size.
  • Make the court a little longer and a little wider.
  • Enforce the traveling rule (a step and a half).
  • Abolish “continuation” … what–I can be fouled at half-court but if my “intent” was to shoot I can “continue” … what a bozo rule.
  • Abolish/penalize the clear-out, one-on-one, where 2 people “do their thing” while 8 others stand around and watch.
  • Subtract a point for every free-throw missed.  They are supposed to be the best, aren’t they?
  • Inbound the ball where the ball/infraction takes place.  How is it that someone can score in the last minutes and I can get the ball at mid-court?
  • Get rid of the stopped clock in the last minute…force them to play!
  • Abolish/penalize flopping and backing in (or pushing in).
  • Insist that players who start in college stay in college until they have learned the basic fundamentals of the game.
  • Play two, 20 minute halves.  Overtimes would be an additional 20 minutes.
  • All eligible players play a minimum of 5 minutes per game.
  • Raise the rim to 11’!