Petra_More_Power_to_YaSorting out a few files today … in the moving mode I guess … I found the logs from the radio show I did while doing my vicarage (seminary internship) back in the 1980s.  The show was called “More Power” and started as a 1-hour program of talk and music (contemporary Christian music) from 6-7am on KHWK, 106.5, HAWK-FM in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington.

Finding myself on vicarage, serving with a supervisor younger than myself, left me with a lot of free time on my hands.  So, off I went to an AM/FM country-western station to pitch a radio show.  Surprisingly they said, “Why not?” and gave me the “coveted” 6am-7am Sunday morning time-slot!

After getting my FCC license and a few weeks learning to run my own board, I was ready to launch.  Using free loaners of albums and tapes from a local Christian bookstore, I scripted a one hour show and decided to call it “More Power.”  The theme song I used was by Petra, called “More Power To Ya” (

Since the station went on automation at midnight on Saturday, I had to take it live at 6am, and then put it back on automation at 7am, before it went live again at 6am on Monday.  All seemed to be going great!  But …

Arriving at the FM studio in Kennewick at about 5:30, I made a pot of coffee, entered the booth, set my records down, looked up at the clock and saw a large photo of Sade!  Where had the Willie Nelson poster gone?  Looking around the room, I suddenly saw “rock and roll” posters and music.  I quickly headed to the AM station where the DJ informed me that there had been a format change over the weekend … from country-western to CHR … contemporary hits radio (Top 40 to y’all).

I said a quick “Thank you Jesus” prayer and headed back … knowing that the music I would play would fit well with the new format … but there was more more surprise for me!  Looking at the automation log, I saw that the song leading into my new show was “Like a Virgin” by Madonna!  What a sense of humor God has!

At any rate … we got the show off … and it went well.  How well?  In a month I was asked to go from 6am-8am … and a few months later from 6am-10am!  Somehow (God-blessed) we found a niche with this new “Contemporary Christian Music” and even drew commercial sponsors!

A side benefit of doing the show for a year was filling in for the regular DJ’s from time-to-time … doing mornings or afternoons … and playing that good old rock-n-roll.  Making appearances for the station was also interesting … especially when people would come up and say, “So YOU are the More Power guy?”  Not sure what they were expecting … but how many voices on the radio have you ever hooked up with a face?

While the music has changed … after all … “More Power To Ya” seems a bit tame these days … it is still the good news message of Jesus!