Baseball today is dictated by pitch count.  Most pitchers get 100+- pitches and then they are out of the game.  Managers are happy to get 6 strong innings before running in a pitcher an inning to close out the game.  When was the last time you saw someone go more than 9 innings?  Check out these stats … on some real Iron Men:

imagesLongest outing ever: Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger pitched 26 innings in 1920:

20+ innings
Bob Smith, Bos (NL), 1927: 22 IP Ted Lyons, Chi (AL), 1929: 21 IP George Uhle, Det, 1929: 20 IP

Last guy to go 19 innings
Les Mueller, Phi (AL), 1945 (19.2)

Last guy to 18 innings
Vern Law, Pit, 1955

Last guy to go 17 innings
Robin Roberts, Phi (NL), 1952

Last guy to go 16 innings
Gaylord Perry, SF, 1966

Last guy to go 15 innings
Gaylord Perry, Cle, 1974

Last guy to go 14 innings
Steve McCatty, Oak, 1980 (teammates Rick Langford, Mike Norris and Matt Keough also had 14-inning games that year)

Longest outing since 1980
Charlie Hough (1986) and Tommy John (1983) each went 13 innings. The last guy to pitch 11 innings was Dave Stewart in 1990 (he threw 129 pitches)