13 02 21-Kyle_FieldI just read about Texas A&M’s desire to expand its football facilities … not build a new field … but to expand … meaning more seats.  While I am a sports fan … it all seems kind of nuts to me.  Just to put this expansion into perspective here in Texas …

If you are doing the math:

SMU built Ford Field for a cost of $42 million.

TCU renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium to the price of roughly $164 million.

Baylor is building a new football stadium just across the Brazos River from campus with a price of $250 million.

Texas Tech spent roughly $85 million over about a ten year period to upgrade its football stadium.

Houston plans to spend $100 million for a new football venue.

North Texas spent $78 million on its new digs.

Texas spent a total of $450 million over a 15 year period to remake all of its athletic facilities

Texas A&M wants to do a football stadium “update” that will cost $450 million.

Also of note, many of these athletic departments are also associated with schools of higher learning. 

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/mac-engel/2013/05/texas-am-just-another-school-spending-whatever-it-can-on-a-football-stadium.html#storylink=cpy