moonshotLike many people, the moon is a source of fascination.  For some it is “the man in the moon.”  For others it is the story of the moon being made of Limburger cheese.  For some it goes back to astronauts walking on the moon … one small step …  It is also called a “lover’s moon.” or “fly me to the moon” or Jackie Gleason’s face superimposed for ‘The Honeymooners.”  For others … it’s a time when the werewolves, etc come out to play!  And for someone it is a reminder of some past event under a full moon.

But for me it is so much more … many memories tied into that old full moon … and each and every time for more years than I care to remember, when I see one, I stand and look at it and memories flood back into my mind.  Memories like … well … that’s between the moon and me!