A good friend of mine pastors a great church in southern Illinois … with what I think is a great design.  While I am “retiring” from pastoring a church … if I were to ever do another … it would probably be along these lines … check it out … and if you are in the area … as Pastor Tony says: “Check It Out!”

nutshellHarvest Church SI in a nutshell? OK. We emphasize just four things: Vibrant worship (through upbeat music and exegetical preaching), accountability in the walk of faith, small-group ministry, and need-meeting service to our “Jerusalem” (Anna, Union County) and the world according to members’ spiritual giftedness. We have no committees, no business meetings, and no sacred cows. We believe that what happens outside of the church building is more important than what happens inside of it. We encourage casual (but modest) dress, genuine community, and laughing / crying together. You’ve never attended a church like Harvest. If you’ve given up on church or if you feel like church has given up on you, we invite you to “Come and See”!