RDdWm.St.58For burger fans at Texas Ranger games this year there is a new Beltre Buster — named after third baseman Adrian Beltre — it features a pound of beef and eight ounces of bacon.

Club officials declined to provided nutritional information on the new offerings. “We don’t count calories,” quipped Shawn Mattox, general manager of concessionaire Delaware North Companies Sportservice’s Metroplex office. He added that the concept of such large dishes is not to create a dish so big that fans challenge each other to an eating contest. Rather, he said, the idea is for friends and family members attending the game together to order one giant item and share it.

Although nutrition information wasn’t provided by the team, one dietician estimated that one Beltre Buster burger contained roughly 2,800 calories, 185 grams of fat and 6,000 milligrams of sodium. That’s more calories than a healthy adult male should eat in an entire day, plus more than double the fat and nearly triple the recommended sodium intake.

No one even ventured a guess at how many beers it would take to wash any of this down.

FmsIB.St.58And, while I would not venture to try one of these, the nee tables they have at the Ranger’s Ball Park look like something I might like having in my new home office … and it looks just big enough for the Beltre Burger and a beer!