ts-neon-bibleThis may seem like a simple problem … but it is one that has bugged me every year I have been a pastor.  The problem is having enough light to read your notes / Scriptures in the slowly diminishing church lights on Good Friday without also being a distraction to the congregation.

The first year as a pastor I found myself without a light source … bending over closer and closer to the worship folder.  Subsequent years found me with a candle in my hand (hot wax); small flashlight (bulb actually went out and another time batteries faded!); tried page lights (the kind you hook on book but they kept slipping off), etc.  I even debated about buying one of the “headlights” like the miners or hikers wear.  But all in all … nothing seemed to work well … or without being a distraction to the congregation.

Aha!  But this year … Technology will meet Tenebrae!  I have all my service notes loaded onto my iPad (a nice backlit device).  Not sure who told me how to do this … but you save your word document as a pdf file … then dump it into your dropbox.  Open the document in the dropbox and then move it to your iBook app.  Open iBooks and your document appears one page at a time … and a simple tap with a finger moves you a page at a time.

Tomorrow … I will share how it worked!  Or maybe I should just memorize it all!