law_booksIt seems that as each day goes by, someone is clamoring for another set of laws to be passed.  Right now the hot topic seems to be “gun control.”

Several thoughts come to mind … and remember … it comes to MY mind …

10 LAWS seemed to be enough for God when he handed them out.

2 LAWS seemed to be enough for Jesus.

Adding laws when you do not enforce laws currently on the books does not make any sense at all.

Some people added 613 additional laws to the 10 LAWS of God … and we call them Pharisees.

Adding another law does not seem like a deterrent to someone who is intent on breaking the law.  (Can’t you just see it … when Congress passes its next gun-control law … every criminal … every gang-banger … every “nut-job” is going to the head to the closest police station and turn in their guns … yeh … sure!).

Some who want the most gun control seem to be the people who walk around with bodyguards and make some pretty violent movies/TV shows.

Is it just me … or does it seem as if some laws affect those of us who are … for the most part … law-abiding?

Ought we not obey God rather than man?

There are probably more thoughts in my head … but it is early …