First off, I made it through a full week!  And the scales says I dropped 7 pounds!  Plus I have eaten stuff I have never eaten before!  Additionally, I have not missed too much stuff … yet!

Monday breakfast: one glass of OJ, along with a big bowl of pumpkin raisin oatmeal.  This is really good … but really filling … could not get a whole serving down!

Lunch today was black beans and rice (a southern favorite of mine), with a few pita chips (see photo).  Very tasty and filling once again!

Supper will be left-overs since each recipe seems to make enough for a family of 4!  And without a lot of pant-str0ng folks in Texas we are limited in who we can feed!  Not too many people have said much yet … though a few did roll their eyes at me when they heard what I was eating.  And of course they had to mention BBQ, pizza and a big steak!