Checking out my cache of adult beverages for Pizza Sunday, I decided to quaff one from a Milwaukee brewery.  While it calls itself Lakefront…I noticed that it should probably be called “riverfront” since it is actually on the Milwaukee River under a bridge!

The Klisch brothers and their employees are not only great brewers, but they pride themselves on innovation within their industry.  Note this:

First, Lakefront Brewery was the first beer company to bottle fruit beer since prohibition with their seasonal Lakefront Cherry Beer.

Second, they were the first certified organic beer to be labeled in the U.S. with their Lakefront Organic E.S.B. (extra special bitter), using 100% organic malt and hops.

Third, in 2006 the brothers changed the government’s policy definition of beer, which stated all beer had to be made with 25% malted barley. Aware that people with celiac disease are intolerant to wheat, they wanted to create a gluten-free beer.

Finally, they became the first brewery in the state and the first business in the City of Milwaukee to receive the Travel Green Wisconsin certification, reducing their environmental impact through operational and other improvements.

Now to see if it actually tastes good too!

Lakefront Oktoberfest (the last of my seasonal brews) is  traditional lager brewed with generous amounts of Munich malt, giving it a wonderful orange hue with a rocky, off-white head. Light hop aromas balance out a slightly floral nose from the German lager yeast. Balanced hop bitterness offsets the substantial malt body, while the lager yeast adds a subtlety of flavor that makes this a great rendition of a German classic. Prost!

My take?  It poured a nice amber color with a very thin head.  And just as one might guess, it has a sweet and malty “sniff.”  A sharp (crisp) taste ended a little bitter as I reached the bottom of the glass.  Not a great beer … but not a bad one either.  Perhaps if I am ever in Milwaukee again …