Not long ago I read this on some website: “Baseball caps are a symptom of society’s seemingly permanent deterioration; like dreadful TV reality shows, junk food, horrid Hollywood movies and declining education standards.”

When I read this it did not really register as all that big a deal.  After all, I wear an occasional ball cap.  And I probably own 25 or more.

But today, while eating lunch at a fairly nice restaurant, I looked around and spotted 5 men (a wide variety of ages) wearing ball caps.  The first thing I thought of was something my grandma always said to me, “Take your hat off.  You’re inside”

In thinking of this, in the past few months I have seen men wearing their ball caps while standing in line at funeral visitations.  And I have even seen a few with them on during funerals (church and funeral home).

Is there anything wrong with this?  I don’t really know.  Some of me says it is common decency to take them off inside.  Part of me says obviously no one else cares so why should I.

What do you have to say?

And while I am asking: what about wearing sunglasses indoors?