The maximum-security prison in Angola, Louisiana has about 5,400 inmates. Two colleagues, Dr. Barry Kolb and Cheryl Gieseke, recently taught See Through the Scriptures (STS) to another 50 of those inmates, bringing the total of those trained to understand and use these materials to 200. Those who attended these three-day workshops share the contents of STS with others in the facility. Dr. Kolb and Cheryl also taught some of CI’s short courses to another 50 inmates, 25 per day on each of two days. Although several hundred signed up to attend these two presentations in the prison’s “out camps,” only 25 are permitted to attend on any one day.

Give to the Max Day Is Coming on November 16

We invite all supporters of Crossways International to remember us on Thursday, November 16, Give to the Max Day 2012. This is a special opportunity for all non-profit organizations around the country to receive donations from their supporters. We are designating the funds from this drive to be put toward helping to re-connect to the under-30 age group. In a study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, it was noted that Protestants now make up only 48% of citizens of the United States. It also stated that a third of adults under 30 years old have no religious affiliation. While those in this group still believe in God, they don’t believe in the organized church. They say that churches are too concerned with money, power, and politics.* We have already secured matching gifts for up to a total of $5,000! So if we reach $5,000 in donations, we will receive an additional $5,000 for a total of $10,000! Please help us reach our goal!  To donate, go to, and type “Crossways International” in the search field.

Gracious God, thank You for adopting us into Your eternal family, for declaring us to be Your sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters of Your Son, Jesus the Messiah. We praise You for revealing Yourself to us, and for teaching us Your eternal truth through Your written and Living word. As we ponder human history, the rise and fall of human empires, and the ambitions of fallen humanity, we give You thanks for revealing to us Your heavenly wisdom for time and eternity. Grant us the joy of knowing that although human kingdoms rise and fall, we belong to a Kingdom that will never end. Teach us through Your Holy Spirit to find joy in walking out of step with earthly systems, but in step with the Eternal King, Your Son and our Savior and Lord, Jesus the Servant Messiah. We pray in His forgiving and loving Name. Amen.