1. Bayonet!

Basic Training Question: “What is the purpose of the Bayonet?”

Basic Trainee Answer: “To Kill, sir. To Kill!”

Bayonet Training was part of US Army Basic Training until 2010. What were they thinking? The decision to do away with this warrior-confidence builder and basic, essential warfighting skill is dubious, at best, to my way of thinking. (The bad guys still use bayonets on their AK47/74. It is inferior to ours, but our enemies use them.) The Marines wisely still train their recruits in this lethal skill. The bayonet should be part of every warrior’s arsenal.

The war cry and symbol of the famed US 7th Infantry Division is “Bayonet!” The 7th Division Colors may be retired for now, but the bayonet is not. (It would be awesome to re-activate this Army Light Infantry Division once President Romney re-fits and rebuilds our Armed Forces.)


The bayonet has been used with great effect throughout US Military History, in every War where American Forces have fought. Notably, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain (20th Maine Regiment, U.S.) famously ordered a bayonet charge at Little Round Top and saved the Union Left Flank at Gettysburg.

The modern US bayonet is an awesome weapon that never requires reloading, but requires skill and training and a honed edge, not technology. (We had the M7 and M9 models when I was on Active Duty.) The modern M9 can also be used to cut wire and has a saw blade. Check it out:



US Marines training with the bayonet

US Marines training with the bayonet

You may run out of ammo on the battlefield but you can still use your bayonet to kill the enemy … face to face … as you slash, thrust, and twist the blade in the enemy’s guts. Yes, folks we still teach our soldiers how to fight and win. Many a battle has been won with the help of the lowly, low-tech bayonet, Mr. President.

But then, Mr. Obama, only knows of drones and would not know about a warrior’s equipment and skill in hand-to-hand combat, much less a warrior’s heart.

2. Horses and Mules and Donkeys in Modern Warfare!

The history of the US Cavalry and the War Horse is something that our President also ought to study before making childish put-downs in debates. War animals are unsung heroes and are respected and beloved by their Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and SOF Operators


Horses and pack animals were used most recently in Afghanistan by Special Operating Forces


So, Mr. President we still issue and use bayonets and war horses. You may also want to read up on those low-tech War Dogs too.


Snarky, puerile, and incorrect little put downs about high-tech weaponry do not take and hold ground … US Army Infantry and US Marines do … sometimes using the bayonet! A little knowledge goes a long way, Mr. President.

WRITTEN BY: William R. Mann, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel.  He is currently a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for conservative causes.  He received his Bachelor of Science at West Point and a Masters in National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School.