The following is part of a longer (and more serious) article by a good friend, Arlen Salte … you can find the entire piece by following this link.  But … I have to tell you … this was the part that made me laugh!

I love music.

Well, I love most forms of music.  I change the radio station or my playlist depending on the mood I’m in or where I want to go.  It’s therapy.

When my stress levels are off the charts there’s nothing like a little Schubert or Brahms.

When the car windows are rolled down on a warm summer night – bring back rock and roll and make it loud!

When I’m too self-obsessed and discouraged, I lift my heart and focus it through spirit-soaring contemporary worship music.

When I want to enter the heavenly realms, bring on Handel or a great Bach chorale.

When I need to confront my neighbor if he parks in front of my driveway, bring on the bagpipes!