The Devastator is a strong, amber lager brewed by the Wasatch Brewery in Park City, Utah.  It has a fluffy white head with a bready malt aroma and a rich body that leaves you with a warming feeling.  This Double Bock style dates back over a century when Monastic brewers knew it as “liquid bread.”  Beware . . . it’s deceivingly smooth and delicious.

Wasatch also brews a number of interesting sounding beverages: 1st Amendment Lager, Polygamy Porter and Brigham’s Brew.  Obviously they do not mind poking a bit at the Mormon population.  But Brigham’s Brew is a root beer (no caffeine and acceptable to Mormons).  Wonder how they feel about its place of origin?

All in all … pretty potent brew … nice yeasty taste … would not want to drink too many … but did make a nice accompaniment to my 3-meat and mushroom pizza!  Am enjoying it immensely!