My Nebraska Cornhuskers did not fare well this weekend … kind of a weak performance.  Why I chose a Red Lager I do not know … but it was also a weak performer.

Leinie’s Red Lager is a year-round staple from the famous Wisconsin brewer, and it’s been around since 1993.  It pours a clear, red-twinged brown with a more than adequate light tan head … though not much of a nose.

As for the taste … it was so-so … but then again Leinenkugel’s is not noted for making big beers.  This beer does not taste bad.  It is just weak for the style. As I noted on their website … At 4.9% ABV, it’s made to be drunk in quantity.

But those days are long gone for this beer-a-week guy!

The pizza, however, saved the day … as usual a meat medley with mushrooms … one of these Sundays I will have a GREAT beer and a GREAT pizza … but not today!