Last night, in between reading a book, I “sort-of” watched the All Star Home-Run Derby. a 3-hour event that should only last an hour at best.

The announcers commented on several occasions about how beautiful Kauffman Stadium is.  And it is … and from my point of view … most are.

But … as I looked a little closer I saw something (a lot of things actually), that changed my mind a bit.  It was the almost amazing number of billboards and corporate ads that fill just about every nook and cranny of this place.

I remember thinking the same about Ranger’s Ball Park in Arlington too.  When my son went to work for them the first year the stadium opened, it was almost devoid of advertising.  Today, it has as much to distract you as most parks.

God forbid they ever cover the ivy at Wrigley … though they too have succumbed a bit.

While I dislike the sterility the NCAA brings to the College World Series, they always covered up all the signs and logos at old Rosenblatt and the new TD Ameritrade.  It made the field look classier.

Surely some of you will disagree … and point out that it takes money to keep these parks open … and I understand that.  But as a baseball purist, there is still something about that pristine playing field, the green grass, the infield, and the outfield walls with only the distances marked on them.  Sigh …