Being a pastor means you sometimes have to put your private life aside because of your professional life.  Sometimes that can be frustrating … for example:

Almost a year I blocked out  a couple of weeks at the end of June to do 2 things: 1) Attend the College World Series in Omaha … something I have done for 25+ years, and; 2) Spend 5 days at Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, MO with my kids and others.

However, both plans had to be set aside because of the passing of 2 members, both dear friends as well.

So, today I sit in my church office, writing the 2nd funeral message and wondering if I might still get to spend a few days at Big Cedar (still waiting for day and time of funeral).

Does this bum me out?  In all honesty … yes … a bit.  But when I “signed up” to be a pastor, I knew I also “signed up” to be there for people in times of need.  And it is an opportunity to share that wonderful Gospel message one more time … and at a time when it seems that people need it most.

So, while I had to re-schedule a preaching engagement in Lincoln, NE … miss out on attending the CWS … and possibly missing time at Big Cedar … things still worked out for the good (that sounds vaguely like something from the Bible).

This is the good side: I was able to re-schedule that preaching date in Lincoln for October, passed along 4 of my CWS season tickets to my brother-in-law and sold the rest for more than I paid for the entire package; been able to share the Gospel with a lot of people at 2 funerals and a wedding, not to mention encourage others in the process, and did not miss a preaching / teaching date at home … and may still get a chance to get-away for a few days.

So all in all … a nice balance of life … and things do have a way of working out!